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Rebecca and The Lambeze Project have changed my life. Thanks to Rebecca’s help and unfailingly good eye, my style has been transformed. I feel like a new person, and have gained so much confidence in the process of working with her over the past 5 years.

She has been an incredible styling resource for big events such as my wedding, bachelorette weekend and baby shower, while also using her magic touch to elevate my everyday looks for both work and play. She is a master at interiors and created the most beautiful and serene baby nursery for my newborn. I frankly couldn’t live without Rebecca and cannot recommend The Lambeze Project enough! -Joanna, New York City

Rebecca Lambeze is a style powerhouse -- a reminder that some people are just born with an eye for what looks fabulous. Her abilities span wardrobes and homes, events and anything else that needs a tasteful overhaul. I've come to count on her for a lot, and know I'm always going to be blown away with her styling talent. Whether you need the perfect look for a big day or a complete home decor makeover, Rebecca'll be ready to knock your socks off with her style ideas and resourcefulness. - Margaret, New York City

There is no better interior designer, stylist, and all around go-to woman for anything style or design. Rebecca manages to understand your own style and elevate that with her own exquisite, personal touch. Initially, she did interior design for my four story loft in Venice (and successfully completed the entire place while I was away for the week on holiday) and now we speak daily about hosting events to planning outfits for a vacation. She could be a better resource in life. I don't know what I would do without her!

Beyond all that, she encourages you to grow as a person. By taking a deep dive into who you are, she manages to bring to life an elevated variation of you. Whether it be personally or professionally, she not only challenges you to step outside your comfort zone, but also gain confidence in yourself. Hire Rebecca if you want to look and feel your very best!

- Jessica, Los Angeles


Rebecca’s superpower is helping you find your true, personalized aesthetic and bringing it to life through design and style. She helped me design my Tribeca loft apartment two years ago and I’m still so excited to walk into my home each and every day!

- Danit, New York City

Rebecca is the best!! She transformed our apartment into a real home that we love. She has her own "marie kondo" method which changed my life and is the reason why we're able to keep everything organized in our apartment! She also created an action plan to execute my vision while staying within my budget without compromising the quality. I highly recommend hiring Rebecca if you're looking for transformation!

- Michelle, New York City

The Lambeze Project is a rare gem with customizable services ranging from interior design to organizing to personal styling. They don't just have an incredible design sensibility; they also meticulously coordinate and manage their projects from start to finish. TLP went beyond my expectations and has transformed our home & how we live our lives & We recommend them 100%. Thank you Rebecca & TLP! - Christian, New York City


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