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About Rebecca & The Lambeze Project

A comprehensive design partner for residential and commercial projects based in New York City, The Lambeze Project offers a full scope of interior and exterior design services with a uniquely personal touch. Rebecca is dedicated to elevating her client’s personal style while blending details in architecture, texture, and artwork in unexpected ways. With a wide collection of design specialities and white glove services we cater to each project with dedication and thoughtfulness. As testament to Rebecca's work, we point to the regular tendency of client relationships to last and grow well beyond the scope of the initial project.


Growing organically from her lifelong love of fine art and design, The Lambeze Project is grounded in Rebecca’s ability to turn anything into artistic expression. As a young girl, Rebecca would use whatever she had at her disposal to hand make the clothes she wanted to wear. With the same inventive mindset, now she uses what her clients tell her to craft the space they dream of, often showing them what they want before they can articulate it themselves. The day after earning her BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, Rebecca moved to New York City where she worked in the fashion industry before starting her own personal style consultancy. In 2013, Rebecca was invited to remodel a four story home in Venice Beach, California and simultaneously redesign a Tribeca Loft, two projects awakening an exciting new avenue for her creativity. Since then, Rebecca has worked on projects from across Manhattan to Miami Beach, Florida. Recently partnering with Nordstrom on exciting design initiatives in branding, landscaping, and dining, we are excited to continue leaning into projects that expand our scope as a comprehensive design partner. 

I take the beauty you already have inside you and help make it visible and expressed in a way that’s authentic, comfortable and unique to you.”

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